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Degenerative Disc Disease (Cervical and Lumbar)

About Degenerative Disc Disease

As we grow older, the discs between our vertebrae age. Discs are small pads or cushions between the vertebrae that protect the spine. As we age, these discs tend to dry out and crack. There is then less cushioning between the bones of the vertebrae, causing nerves to become pinched and resulting in pain to the back which can include tingling, numbness and muscle weakness. Each person experiences different symptoms, depending on the severity of the degeneration. The effects of this disease can be debilitating and severely restrict movement and a person's enjoyment of life.

Since the disease can affect any are of the spine, it can result in different symptoms to either the cervical (neck) area or the lumbar (lower back) area. When the disease occurs in the cervical area, the areas affected can include the arms, chest and shoulders, as well as pain in the mobility of the neck. In the lumbar area the lower back, legs and even feet can be affected.

Degenerative disc disease can also be caused by trauma to the area, such as in an injury caused by an accident, the result of repeated heavy lifting or heavy manual labor. This type of disc problem can result in a herniated disc, which bulges out of its normal position and can be quite painful.

With the talented and highly skilled team at Los Angeles Spine Surgery at Chapman, you can receive the most current medical treatments available to aid in relief of pain from degenerative disc disease. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and technology to evaluate your spine condition in order to recommend the treatment best suited to your condition. We always strive to use the least invasive treatment possible to enhance a full recovery.

Contact Los Angeles Spine Surgery (LASS) at Chapman for innovative treatment when suffering with degenerative disc disease.

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